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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MARTIN KNIVES Hollow handle assembly pics

these are pics of the Mercury One Charity Knife we made for the auction. i have put the pics in order for you to see the assembly. i will start a hollow handle tutorial page very soon to explain the process from start to finish. thanks for looking.---newt

Welcome to Martin Knives!

Martin Knives is a small family business producing high quality handmade knives. The knives here are hand made by Ed or Newt Martin, a father / son team, using regular shop equipment. Their styles and techniques have been heavily influenced by well known makers such as Bob Loveless, Bo Randall, and Jimmy Lile. They mainly focus on fixed blade tactical, survival, and bushcraft knives, but you will also find knives that will serve in other areas like hunting, camping, backpacking, etc. We also have Projects Going on with BOKER that will interest you. We invite you to participate in this blog and feel free to contact us, post if you see, have something that interests you, or if you have any questions.